Lavvo Sami Art & Nature

Address: Skalvägen 2, 915 94 Ånäset Show map

Address: Skalvägen 2, 915 94 Ånäset

The Ponga family welcomes you to a treasure of Sámi silver and a ceramics and jewellery studio next to highway E4 in Ånäset. Traditional Sámi handicrafts, in old and new designs, are available here

The studio, which also serves as a shop, offers a wide range of products. These include Sámi silverwork drawing inspiration from the 10th century onwards and beautiful stoneware and ceramics based on finds from 4000 BC to the present day. Lavvo’s also has Sámi craftwork in leather, horn and wood.

Besides traditional craftwork, Lavvo additionally offers a wide selection of Sámi visual arts. With oil paintings, watercolours and other artworks, Anita Ponga is an established Sámi artist. John Ponga is a photographer and has exhibited and sold acclaimed pictures for some 30 years.

Lavvo also holds presentations on Sámi and historical themes stretching back 10,000 years. They cover everything from ancient Sámi history to courses in language, art and handicrafts.

Lavvo Sámi Art & Nature is open for bookings.

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