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Address: Ratan 33, 91597 Bygdeå Show map

Address: Ratan 33, 91597 Bygdeå

The historic events leading to Ratan being classified as of national interest are detailed in the exhibition at the cultural information centre housed in Tullgården, a venerable building dating from 1861. Three of the stories recounted here are: Ratan’s years of greatness as a pilot and cargo harbour; isostatic recovery up until the present day; and, the 1809 battle.

In the 18th and 19th centuries, Ratan was “Norrland’s harbour”, i.e. the customs and import/export harbour for all harbours north of Ratan in the Gulf of Bothnia (Swedish and Finnish sides). Thus, all goods imported or exported by sea came to Ratan to go through customs. From 1849 – 1855, the customs inspector in Ratan was Otto Reinhold Taube. He was the paternal grandfather of Evert Taube, the famous troubadour who dedicated the song with the phrase “My grandfather was a coastal customs inspector” to his Ratan ancestor.

Ratan has links with the early research into land upheaval and the scientific discussions as to whether the phenomenon was due to receding water or rising land. Water level measurements were carried out here and, in 1749, Anders Celsius carved a mark into a rock at Ratan’s inlet.

The last battle on Swedish soil was in Ratan on the 20th of August 1809 (part of the 1808 – 1809 war). Traces of this struggle can still be found in the form of cannonballs, bullet holes in buildings and other finds.

Left by photographer Nils Blomgren, the pictures of Ratan at the turn of the 20th century are a gift of cultural/historic significance. Blomgren lived in Ratan and also had a photographic studio by the harbour.

Next to the cultural information centre, food is served at Tullgårdens Gästgifveri in Tullgården. After you have visited the exhibition and enjoyed a meal at Tullgården, why not take a stroll through Ratan’s history? The “Ratan trail” (Ratanlenden) starts at the harbour and ends at Ledskär. Rataskärsleden (the “Rataskär trail”) winds around the nature reserve on the other side of the inlet. To get out to Rataskär, rowing boats can be hired from Tullgården.

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