Ostens Lager

Address: Ostlagret, 91534 Ånäset Show map

Address: Ostlagret, 91534 Ånäset

In order to ripen and develop their characteristic taste all of the famous cheeses Västerbottensost are rested for at least 14 months. Make a visit to the cheese warehouse in Ånäset, where the cheeses are left to rest, take a guided tour and learn more about the production in the museum.

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    +46 (0)934-20488
  • Phone number
    +46 (0)934-20488
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    Lufta Camping
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    Open 24/6 - 4/8 every day, 11.00-16.00. Food, coffee and cheese sales. Guided tours can be booked, for groups minimum least 10 people